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Love for one's own money

Money helps us accomplish some of our life goals. And we owe it to ourselves and to our families to borrow efficiently, invest efficiently, plan efficiently for taxes and most importantly protect our savings in case of a calamity. But many of us end up taking financial decisions simply based on what a bank / insurer's salesperson wants to sell us. Unless our love for the salesperson exceeds our love for our own money, this simply does not make sense.

Love for one's own money is a good thing! And to make sure our hard-earned money is working hard for us and our families, we need to do a little bit of home-work.

At ApnaPaisa, we make it easier for our visitors to do this home-work. We provide tools and calculators so that our visitors don't have to deal with complicated mathematical formulae. We provide detailed price-feature comparison tools so that visitors get an idea of what to look for before applying for a financial product. And above all, we provide a platform to get competing offers from the market so that whatever be the specific scenario - our visitors always get the best deal.

We're always keen to find out how we can make matters of personal finance easier and would love for you to join our growing community on Facebook and share your experiences, suggestions and comments.