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Gold fund topping the return chart

Mutual fund schemes having their investment in gold are been topping the returns chart.

24 Jun 2008

The investors in mutual funds over the past year have seen the most unlikely class of funds. Mutual fund schemes having their investment in gold and companies associated with the precious metal have been topping the returns chart plus after comparing the performs against equity or debt funds they have performed far better.

The rising crude oil prices, weakening dollar and growing geo-political concerns have resulted in tremendous rise in gold prices. And it is likely to sustain over the next few months.

There are six gold exchange-traded funds. DSP Merrill Lynch and AIG are two such companies who invest in stocks of companies associated with gold mining. Hence, they delivered comparatively modest returns, since stocks globally have been caught in the bear grip. ETFs have shown a significant return of more than 50% previous year.

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