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What is the process of PPF account transfer from a bank to a post office?

Read to know the process of PPF account transfer from a bank to a post office

03 Dec 2008

The State Bank of India/its subsidiary will issue an Account Payee cheque or a demand draft for an outstation transfer. The Account Payee cheque will be in favor of the transferee post office with a certified copy of the ledger and other concerned original records, such as the application for opening the account, signature cards, and nomination forms.

The cheque/draft will be drawn by designation and will indicate that it relates to ppf account number 'so-and-so. On receipt of the PPF account-on-transfer along with the cheque or draft from the bank, a PPF account will be opened at the transferee post office. The process is similar to that of the opening of a new account. The transaction will not be included in the credit transfer journal but will be entered in the list of transactions like other new accounts opened by cash.

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