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Our Crorepati calculator could be your first step toward achieving that financial dream. With one addition. We actually give you the figures � how much you need to invest, at what rate of return, for how long to get to the magic eight-digit figure. We figured it is always better to have a clear figure to work on when you dream big (and infinitely more importantly, want to realize that dream).

So, select your investment periodicity (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual, or lump sum), desired rate of return, time period in which you want to achieve the crorepati status, and actual number of crores you would want.

Enter all these figures and you get your answers:

  • The amount to be invested as per your investment periodicity
  • The total amount you would have invested in the specified time period
  • Total return on your investments

So go ahead � put a number to your dreams on your journey to realizing them. Wishing you every good fortune along the way...


Note: All calculators are made based on certain assumptions which may not be true in your case. You should consult your personal financial advisor before taking any decision. Apnainvestment disclaims any responsibility for any decision taken based on these calculators.