HDFC Bank was promoted by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) a premier housing finance company. HDFC Bank was incorporated in the year 1994 and has a strong presence all across India through its wide network of over 2500+ branches in 1350+ towns and cities.

Since its inception, HDFC Bank has been catering to the various needs of individuals as well as corporate sector with its product offerings ranging from saving accounts, current account, deposit schemes, personal loans, business loans and credit cards etc.

Some of the major product offerings of HDFC Bank in retail segment are as follows:-

HDFC Bank Personal Loan
The personal loan from HDFC Bank is available for any personal needs like child education or marriage, dream vacation etc. to salaried and self-employed professionals and businessmen.

HDFC Bank loan can be availed for a maximum limit of Rs. 15 lakhs and can be repaid by equated monthly installments (EMI) within a period of 1-5 years.

Borrower can avail HDFC bank loan without any need for guarantor, surety or collateral security. An existing borrower of HDFC home loan or car loan running for more than 12 and 6 months respectively, can get HDFC personal loan without any income documentation.

HDFC Car Loan
HDFC Bank is the largest provider of car loans in India (August 2012). HDFC provides car loans for both new as well as old cars. HDFC Bank finances upto 90% of the ex-showroom price of the car i.e. total price of the car excluding the registration, cost and insurance cost. In addition to the value of the card the amount of loan which you can get also depends on the borrower??s income. Your repayment track records on the past loans and credit cards plays a very important role. If your credit history is not good, the probability of your crediting any loan is very low.

Currently HDFC Bank only offers a fixed rate car loan where the interest rate on the car loan remains fixed for the entire duration of the car loan. The car loan is available for a period of 1 year to a maximum of 7 years for a new car loan.

HDFC Bank Home Loan
HDFC Bank does not directly provide any home loan, but is processed through its parent company HDFC Limited. This loan is available for acquisition of new or resale residential property in India. HDFC finances 80% of the property cost subject to income eligibility of the borrower. The tenure for HDFC loan can go upto 20 years. HDFC offers you fixed as well as floating rate home loans.

HDFC Bank Credit Cards
HDFC Bank offers extensive range of credit cards to suit the personal and business requirement of various segments of people. HDFC Bank credit cards offer host of benefits on travel, shopping, dining, etc.

HDFC Bank Deposit Schemes
HDFC Bank offers fixed deposit scheme for a tenure ranging from 7 days to 10 years. HDFC Bank also offers sweep in and sweep out facilities of fixed deposit which is linked the account holder??s savings account. In this case any amount in your account beyond a specified amount is automatically transferred to a fixed deposit account which is available for use like your balance in saving bank account.

In short, HDFC Bank provides solution to whatever your banking needs may be…….

List of products offered by HDFC Bank
HDFC Bank Personal Loan HDFC Bank Car Loan HDFC Bank Credit Card