Car loan or Car overdraft
The car overdraft is essentially a secured loan like a home mortgage loan
Old car or new?
It is better that you identify your needs first and then take a call on to buy an old used car or a brand new one.
Repaying a car loan
One of the first things you need to look at while taking a car loan is the monthly installment, popularly known as the Equated monthly installment (EMI). While different banks would give you different quotes depending upon their rules and regulations, you
Registering a new car at the RTO
To register your new car with the RTO; transport authorities and take all the mandatory documents of the vehicle owner from the car dealer
Insurance Policies
Car loan, third party and comprehensive insurance policy in India. Auto loan insurance is bought or is transferred and is legally mandatory.
Bad credit loans - a cause for concern, says Morgan Stanley
Rising bad loans dues to high interest rates is a cause for concern: Morgan Stanley report
Car loan paperwork
Note on the paper work and formalities to be done before you get to drive away with your dream car
Pre-registration & Pre-delivery check list
Things to keep in mind prior taking the delivery of the car
Insuring your new car
Important aspects of car and auto insurance rules and automobile insurance companies in India. Insurance claim, NCB or No Claim Bonus and renewal of insuraance policy are important things to remember and do when getting finance for your car.
Important clauses of auto insurance policies
Car insurance cannot be claimed if not damaged under certain conditions
Who will lend for your dream car?
Once you have decided on what is your dream car, look for a good bank that can finance your car.
An introdution to car loans, vehicle finance and automobile insurance in India
Document checklist for a new car
Documents to check while buying a new car
Prepayment charges on auto loans
Most banks would charge you some prepayment penalty when you opt for the option of prepaying the loan amount. This is penalty is levied because when you prepay your loan, the bank is losing the interest income it would have got from you.
How much car loan can I get?
How much car loan can you get?
Car purchase finance options
Know more about car purchase finance options. The options are that you can take a loan to buy a car, hire it or lease it.
Final touches to the deal
Negotiation for buying an old car is a must before you finally invest in it. After documentation, negotiation is the toughest part when it comes to buying a used car
Processing fee for car loans
Banks may provide 100% finance for the vehicle but the processing fee and other charges may be deducted from the loan amount sanctioned
Document checklist for a used car
Documents to check while buying a second-hand used car
Money Matters
Even as you start looking for a car, start tying up the loan for buying it.
Differences between motor insurance policies
All motor insurance policies are not the same
Car Loan: Application Process
How to apply for a car loan?
Bajaj to sue TVS on patent breach
Bajaj to sue TVS for patent breach on manufacture of DTSi technology empowered Flame. TVS denies allegations
It's raining super bikes on Indian roads
Major foreign super bike maker are now heading the Indian market to launch their products here. Suzuki Motorcycles India (SMIPL) is planning to launch its 800 cc and above super bike segment in India. Suzuki is in the process of getting government approva
Hyundai to launch LPG run cars
Hyundai Motor India Ltd. plans to launch LPG-run cars
Tata Motors launches new Safari range
Tata Motors launches new Safari range, Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT, Sumo Victa Turbo Di in Mumbai, Karnal
SBI Nano advance booking loan
The preferred financer for the purchase of Tata Nano car SBI offers a special SBI Nano advance booking loan for booking the car.
Ford Fiesta's limited edition version, Fida, launched in Chennai
Ahead of festive season Ford India has launched the limited edition version of its popular sedan Fiesta on September 25, 2007 in Chennai.
Kinetic to make gear boxes for Tata's small car
Kinetic Group received a letter of intent and a purchase order for gear boxes from Tata Motors, announced Sulajja Firodia, joint managing director, Kinetic Motors.