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The Indian car, for the Indian by an Indian

Tata Motors have finally come up with the much advertised and awaited cheapest small car Tata Nano- The People's Car. All you need now is luck!

Pooja Gawde

25 Mar 2009

So, here's the golden chance for each and every Indian to own a four-wheeler. Tata Motors have finally come up with the much advertised and awaited cheapest small car Tata Nano- The People's Car.  



Just Rs. 3, 000 and each one out there gets a fair chance to own a car. The booking period is from on 9th April 2009 and will close on 25th April 2009. According to Credit rating agency Crisil, Nano could reduce the cost of ownership of one's 'First Car' by about 30%, three times the cost of owning a motorcycle. But, is it going to be that easy to get a Tata Nano? May be, May be not. You'll need luck.


Years ago, Amitabh Bachan Corporation Limited (ABCL) came up with a unique concept, probably one of the most unique business models of those times. All a Bollywood star aspirant had to do was to send two pictures and a draft of Rs. 500 to ABCL. If there was any work/assignment for the aspirant, he would be contacted. Though much cannot be said about the benefit of this scheme to a Bollywood star aspirant, this definitely gave them a short-cut to reach the right place (or, at least their pictures!)


But, why are we talking about ABCL, weren't we discussing Tata Nano? Yes, of course we are.


Tata's most touted project, the Tata Nano small car hit many roadblocks primarily in setting up of its production units. Finally, Tata Motors will be able to come up with 50, 000 units of Nanos every year from its Patnanagar factory, at least till its factory in Sanand, Gujarat is ready.  


Once a car is booked after paying the booking amount, from all booking received- 100,000 lucky applicants will get an allotment through random number generation technique. If luck doesn't tilt in the applicant's favour this once, better luck next time.


In fact, if an applicant is not allotted in the first phase, the applicants have the option to retain their booking deposit. Those who choose this option will be eligible for a fixed interest rate of 8.5% on their deposit, effective from the date of announcement of allotment of the second phase for retention period between one year to two year and 8.75 per cent for a retention period of more than two years.


Those who get lucky may have more than one reason to celebrate. If THAT'S IT, very well. If not, it's a hot cake and the allotee can sell the car at a premium. So more than one out there smile of reasons, obviously more than one.


Happy booking and all the best! It's Luck By Chance and if it favours, it is Oye Lucky Oye!