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23407 HI.. I am planning to buy a car by Jan 2010 for around 5 lakhs. I can pay an EMI of upto 10,000
23404 Hi, I am looking for approx Rs. 150000 car loan. I am a salaried person with monthly take home
23344 sir i want to purchase a bolero(mahindra).i want 4-5 yr tenure to pay the loan amount .Can u su
23330 I have a car loan of Rs.295000 @ 12.45%, and tenure of 5 yrs. I have already paid the EMI for 9
23310 Is Car Loan Principal and Interest give Income Tax releif?
23245 Hi, I took an auto loan fr new car arnd 2 yes back. Can i transfer the remaining amount to some
23134 Hello Sir, Seek your advise/clarification on foreclosure of my car loan. Does the finance compa
23096 Need help on bank or organization to go for best auto finance, with minimum interest,processin
23086 Can I transfer my car loan to other bank. I'm curently using HDFC bank. My EMI is 7105.00 every
23058 i plan to buy a swift for which i need a loan. My annual CTC is Rs 500000. I plan to take the l
22963 I stay in Mumbai. I want to buy a car from Rajasthan and avail a loan from SBI mumbai. Is it po
22932 i have taken a vechicle loan from cholamandalam dbs finance trichy tamilnadu and i have comple
22884 Sir, I wish to take a car loan of Rs 2,50,000. I understand that aprox Rs 2500.00 would go towa
22875 I am going to take car loan for an amount 600000 (approx) from UCO bank.Will it be wise decisio
22874 I have a used car loan taken from Kotak mahindra bank @ 18.5% for 3.2 lakhs for a tenure of 4 y
22837 i want to buy use maruti omni
22769 I want to buy a new car of around 4.25 lacks. i will pay around 1 lacs down payment. how can i
22755 i would like to avail a car loan of rs 2000000 with the lowest rate of interest for 7 years i w
22744 which is the best car loan available in market today. iam a salried person with an annual incom
22735 hello sir, i had and car loan on wagonR of 2.5 lacs, from axis bank at 13.25% , unfortunately g
22710 I want to avail car loan. Please let me know th interest rates and how is SBI better
22703 i need to know which financial institution give car loan at cheapest rate of interest n availab
22697 Sir, I have taken a loan of Rs 3:00 Lakh from SBP Shimla at 11.75% interest in September and si
22692 i have a car loan with icici taken almost 2 years back can i preclose it and transfer to anoth
22644 Dear Sir I want to buy either Swift or i10, my current salary is 5lacs p.m., my company is pro
22602 Hi, After today's directive from the SC, what is the car loan rate being offered by HDFC bank?
22481 what is the rate of interest offered by Axis bank on car loans. Are there any special offers?
22480 Dear sir, I have taken a new car loan( Rs 8,00,000) at 14.75 % interest rate for 5 years from
22469 hi sir,i want to buy i10 n i want to apply for a car loan,my current company in paying me 30k p