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Credit Cards: Safety Features

safety features of credit cards

Apnaloan.com Research Bureau

10 Aug 2007

Credit cards are widely used across the world. As attractive as this payment mode is, security concerns are paramount in these cashless transactions at various points. For instance, though the credit card company grants a credit card after carefully scrutinizing the financial history and other records of an individual, there are several cases of default on the part of customers.

Merchant establishments for instance, have to guard against a stolen card being used. Or, cardholders themselves may find that their cards are stolen. Apart from the steps taken by the card issuer to ensure no breach of security, there are several steps you could follow to reduce the possibility of fraud.

  • As soon as you receive your credit card, check that your name is spelled correctly.
  • Sign on the signature panel strip behind the card.
  • Keep a record of your card number and other details separate from the card.
  • Do not give your card to anyone else.
  • Do not disclose your permanent identification number (PIN) to anyone.
  • Memorize your number and destroy the PIN mailer.
  • Never sign blank charge-slips.
  • Keep a record of the signed charge-slip for your records and check the same on receiving your monthly statement.