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Things to watch out for while using a credit card

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Elizabeth Thomas

10 Aug 2007

Spending was never so easy. However, keep your eyes and ears open to the following:

  • To fully understand the implications of all the different terms and conditions offered by various institutions/credit cards, use the compare and shortlist procedures in our credit card product section.
  • An add-on entitlement allows you to apply for an additional credit card for a family member within your overall credit limit. However, the onus to settle payments on time remains with the primary card holder.
  • The use of a global credit card is still governed by RBI guidelines and limits on foreign exchange. You must remember to stay within these limits.
  • Even if you have more than one global card, you must not exceed the foreign exchange rules and limits prescribed by the RBI. It is your responsibility to stick to these rules; the issuing bank is not responsible any breaches made by you.
  • Submit a declaration form as soon as you return from a trip abroad to the authorized dealer, with appropriate details on the duration of your visit and the amount of cash spent.
  • If you buy foreign exchange for a trip against your global card, you must surrender unused foreign exchange to an authorized dealer within 90 days.
  • Global cards are meant for Indian citizens only. So, if you are leaving the country for an assignment, you will have to surrender the card.