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Date : Jun 4, 2009


Greetings, Myself Akhtar a software engineer. I went to Hong Kong last year where i lost my ICICI credit card on 7th Dec' 08, immediately(on the same day) i called up customer care and requested to block all 3 cards and subsequently asked wether any transactions is done, then he told no transactions have been made. But, when i came back to india next month i got a rude shock to see a credit card bill of 72,000/- INR. I couldn't beleave this......Then i raised a dispute with IOICI to interrogate the miss use case....now after 4 months they blocked the amount of 85,000/- as a lien amount from my salary account as i was waiting for interoggation to be done......mean time ther's no call or mail from ICICI about the interoggation process..simply they blocked my salary account amount......when i called up Cust.cat\re they said..the case went in favour of bank.....when i asked them what's the update and details of enquery they have no answer..i doubt they havn't done anything..... Now sir, please help me out ..i can't pay all the amount which i didn't used... Please give me the options and 1) Do bank have authorities to block my account without any update and prior information 2) Can i relese my account by paying min due amount and 3) if i go for any settlement, what is the max percentage wavier i can get from bank.... Thnaks in advance..... Akhtar 970441770


Immediately  approach the Banking Ombudsman. The details are available on bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in




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