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sir if i buy sbi credit card and i use just once a year then do i have to pay charger for the w


hello sir. when I was studing, Citi bank offered a gold credit card under a student scheme. fro


i have 4 creditcard due to high financeial problem.............. i dont be able to make payment


My credit limit on Barclay's credit card is 40000.Every month I have been paying more than Rs.


Hello Harsh, If you are a defaulter in credit card payments due to a dispute between the Bank


I would like to know about SBI SILVER Credit card


Hello Sir , I want to get a credit card so that i may use it when i am urgently in need of mon


Sir, My father has a ABN card and taken a loan of 1 lakh through the card.He has paid around 52


ABN Amro offered me a credit card and without my knowledge they deducted the premium for ICICI


I have to repay an amount of Rs 30000 to bak. For that matter I was thinking of paying the amou


Hello Sir, There were disputed transactions on my SBI credit card(which were not done by me at


I was holding one Credit Card from standard charted with a credit limit of Rs. 20,000/- and i w


I have got about 5 credit cards who emi iam paying upto 43000 per month.want to get rid of this


Sir. My salary currently is Rs.9000 pm and cash Rs3000 which is not accounted for i am interes


I've settled down Credit Card of HSBC by paying the amount of purchase I made sum interest on


I need a Credit card with free life time charges and that card must be a shopping one. Prefer


How can i remove my name from CIBIL


hello sir, I have filed a complaint online against SBI cards through the link https://secweb.rb


I have outstanding of Rs.35,000/- in ICICI credit card. Now I am planning to take balance tran


Dear Sir/Madam, I am working as a Graphic Designer in a Private Limited Company and earning 216


Hye!I m Abhishek Pittie and I want to apply for cc however it is very hard for me to apply bcoz


I'm a salaried person, and currently facing some financial crisis because I'm not getting my


Sir I am laxman I need a credit card I am working as a teacher in private school for part time


I am Dr Rajesh. My Annual income is 4.8 lakhs per annum.. Could you please let me know which cr


Thanks for answering the querry no Q19746. In that connection, I would like to ask you sir, th


i have paid 44500 to abnamro through dd from hsbc 660047 but the credit is not reflecting abn a


I hold SBI credit card. On 24th september,2008 I observed that there were some 8 transactions o


suppose a person having huge card dues becomes insolvent or does not want to pay his card dues


baar baar mera card regret qun hota hai?