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20407 i have 4 creditcard due to high financeial problem.............. i dont be able to make payment
20384 My credit limit on Barclay's credit card is 40000.Every month I have been paying more than Rs.
20375 Hello Harsh, If you are a defaulter in credit card payments due to a dispute between the Bank
20368 I would like to know about SBI SILVER Credit card
20360 Hello Sir , I want to get a credit card so that i may use it when i am urgently in need of mon
20353 Sir, My father has a ABN card and taken a loan of 1 lakh through the card.He has paid around 52
20342 ABN Amro offered me a credit card and without my knowledge they deducted the premium for ICICI
20309 I have to repay an amount of Rs 30000 to bak. For that matter I was thinking of paying the amou
20307 Hello Sir, There were disputed transactions on my SBI credit card(which were not done by me at
20296 I was holding one Credit Card from standard charted with a credit limit of Rs. 20,000/- and i w
20293 I have got about 5 credit cards who emi iam paying upto 43000 per month.want to get rid of this
20281 Sir. My salary currently is Rs.9000 pm and cash Rs3000 which is not accounted for i am interes
20268 I've settled down Credit Card of HSBC by paying the amount of purchase I made sum interest on
20261 I need a Credit card with free life time charges and that card must be a shopping one. Prefer
20242 How can i remove my name from CIBIL
20235 hello sir, I have filed a complaint online against SBI cards through the link https://secweb.rb
20225 I have outstanding of Rs.35,000/- in ICICI credit card. Now I am planning to take balance tran
20198 Dear Sir/Madam, I am working as a Graphic Designer in a Private Limited Company and earning 216
20197 Hye!I m Abhishek Pittie and I want to apply for cc however it is very hard for me to apply bcoz
20139 I'm a salaried person, and currently facing some financial crisis because I'm not getting my
20134 Sir I am laxman I need a credit card I am working as a teacher in private school for part time
20003 I am Dr Rajesh. My Annual income is 4.8 lakhs per annum.. Could you please let me know which cr
19999 Thanks for answering the querry no Q19746. In that connection, I would like to ask you sir, th
19969 i have paid 44500 to abnamro through dd from hsbc 660047 but the credit is not reflecting abn a
19942 I hold SBI credit card. On 24th september,2008 I observed that there were some 8 transactions o
19877 suppose a person having huge card dues becomes insolvent or does not want to pay his card dues
19873 baar baar mera card regret qun hota hai?
19807 Hi, I would like to take a loan for buying a PC.Which bank I shoul go with.??
19746 Recently when my flexicash facility was rejected by ICICI bank, I came to know that SBI card ha