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Date : Aug 4, 2009


Hi i am planning to take the home loan of around 20lacks.but already am paying a personal loan emi of 14k/month ..its abt to close in another 15months..cant i get the home loan without closing the existing personal loan ..My current salary is around 40k per month


You can get a home loan based on your income but your existing personal loan will have an impact on loan eligibility. Check the home loan eligibility calculator.




Can I get a loan for purchase of land for construction of house


i am having 30000 as take home salary how much ican get home loan in hyderabad[Please enter


I talked to one of the SBI Guy regarding HomeLoan. He said that to get a HomeLoan from SBI we n


hello sir i am defualt in icici can i opt a home loan ha?


my son has filed his first it return for asst. year 2009-2010 as he attained major .earlier hi


My income is 21000 per month. I want to take a home loan. I do not have IT return acknowledge s


Please advice what will be the per month EMI ( interest)for Rs.20 lac flat , for a pd. of 20


I have taken a loan from ICICI at (currently)10.25% for an amt of Rs. 3000000. Is it better to


I have been told by a bank executive that a Home Loan can be applied for even AFTER 6 months of


I took a home loan from LICHFL in June, 2006 at 9% floating rate of interest in Guwahati.Till n


I am planning to buy a flat in calcutta.This flat is on a colony land.Am i eligable to get any


i have just joinedv job one month ago and have one complete salary only am i eligible for h.lo


i have NRE saving a/c in icici bank. can i get home loan from back and which documents required


sir, my wife and i got into home loan jointly 4 months back, but did not discuss on share of EM


I would like to purchase a second hand flat. Will the amount of loan that I am eligible for a f


Dear Sir, I have applied for homeloan with SBI. SBI is saying that i have to take Insurance wit


Can I ask my bank to debit the principal amount first and then the interest amount against my e


Hi, I have recently qualified Chartered Accountant Course and working in a software company fro


I have a land in gram panchayat area and the documents are all approved by gram panchayat i am


sir,i am part time jober,wants 500000 for home,in sort emi for 10 years


Hi Harsh, My Gross salary per month is 31484 INR. I am 29 yrs old and intend to get home loan a


under which section home loan interst rebate comes. and limit of interst amount.


dear sir i want to take home loan to recontruct my old house but the problem is the home is not


Hi Sir, I am having Home laon of HDFC with ROI 10.25. Can I shift my home loan to LIC with 8.


Sir i am from jalandhar i identified a property in jalandhar this property is rented as commerc


Hello Sir, My dad, 54 years old working as a state goverment employee whose take home salary


Hello Sir, I want to get a home Lone to purchase a property in Lucknow which is resell. But I d


am buying resale property in thane District. what doucment i have to take from seller.


I have identified a property and would like to avail a 30-lakh loan at a floating rate. Would l


Respected sir, i have taken a home loan sanction letter of 28 lacs and get disbursed for purcha