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16841 Dear sir,first of all i wud like to thank u guys for running such a great website.actually ther
16831 my self Rupak I have taken two loan one from icici bank -157000 emu -5795, citi bank 148000
16769 What does the Employer A , B , C stand for ?
16765 Hi, Recently i have applied for a personal loan in HDFC, they rejected citing a pending due wi
16761 what is the salary amount falls under these category? Category Salaried Employer A Category Sa
16759 what is PLR and BPLR? How it affects me after taking the loan?will it causes drastic changes i
16734 Recently,i applied for a personal loan with HDFC and they didn't accepted my application giving
16728 Is there any way to avail loan for the people with bad credit history?
16680 Hi Harsh, I want to take 6 lakhs personal loan for a tenure of minimum 5 years with the best
16606 Hi, I have a personal loan with a Bank and current outstanding is 1.16 Lac. I had asked them to
16603 i have debts upto 70000 so i want to take personal loan as i am a salaried working in chennai p
16590 Is it advisable to foreclose the personal loan? Or should I continue till the committed period?
16581 I require a loan of Rs. 3 lacs and my salary p.m. is Rs. 18,500/- I applied to HDFC and as per
16570 i m getting 10500 salary. how much loan i can get
16552 I have 3 individual PL and I am looking to consolidate it with a single lender. Is it Possible?
16540 Currently I have got two personal loans ( ICICI , Barclays ) Now I want to get another personal
16524 Sir,i appreciate your initiatives n efforts.i want to know are personal loan rates lower in co-
16508 r u issuing a personal loan in Vizag
16506 Dear Sir, I have taken one lac personal loan one year back. Now I want to know, whether it is i
16495 I'm 24 and will be into 25 on coming 18'th DEC, My monthly income is 13000, what are the req's
16468 Hi... I have an overdue credit card and I wnat to payoff that, I have other loans which I am al
16462 Respected sir can you say to me how can i will get loan for shares investments.
16420 I get a net salary of Rs.15,500,but i am paying for credit
16385 I have taken 2 personal loans from kotak mahindra, dbs cholamandalam about 2 years back. I have
16384 At the age of 44, can I take a loan for 15-20 years duration?
16342 Hello i'm applying the personal loan in different banks but my aplication is getting rejected p
16341 Sir,i am an engineer working with Reliance Infrastructure ltd.,Noida.my salary is 4.5 l.p.a.my
16311 I want personal loan