SIP Calculator

The SIP calculator by Apnapaisa is simple way to know how much you want to invest, at what rate of return, and what the end result will be. The calculator allows you to select the periodicity of your investment monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. Once you have done that, the next field will ask you to fill the amount you will invest for the period you have selected. Next is the field where you fill in the desired tenure of your investment, in years. And the final field is your expected rate of return.

The moment you enter these details, you get the results in the Total Invested Amount and Total Returns Earned fields in the left bottom corner. There is also a pictorial representation of you total investment over the defined tenure and the returns over that same period.

The SIP calculator is useful because it allows you to plan your investments especially if you are looking to invest in small, manageable amounts. This calculator can be invaluable for the small investor. The slider tools provided here allows you to adjust any parameter to find out your best options. Thus, you will have a complete picture on where you stand, all the better for you to ensure where you want to stand in another five, ten, fifteen, or any other investment horizon you have defined for yourself.