Term Insurance Compare & Apply

Term Insurance Compare & Apply

Term Insurance Comparison is something unique and very important for every individual as it helps to select best and cheapest term plan. There are many sites, which provide a seamless way to do term insurance comparison and evaluate the variables and insurance options being offered by different insurance companies. It helps you compare one term life insurance scheme against the other and make an informed choice, which suits your needs.

Insurance companies  offer variations of term life insurance in India. In case you are perfectly healthy and do not use tobacco, you may get a cheaper term plan, compared to person using tobacco. Rebates and benefits are also offered for female policyholders.

Basically Term Life Insurance is an insurance plan that covers only risk, without other features like savings etc. built in. Term Life Insurance is a pure insurance option that is suitable if you are looking to insure your life at minimum cost of premiums then Term Insurance  is the cheapest and simplest option.

Term Insurance comparison helps you to consider that proper individual has taken appropriate cover for a fixed duration or term to insure your family and dependents against loss of income in case of untimely death of the policyholder. One should consider taking term life insurance at an early age, since the earlier one takes it, the lower the premiums. Since it is a pure risk coverage option, everyone can consider taking it regardless of his or her age, occupation and sex.

You can buy regular premium or single premium term plan depending on your payment capacity. There is also return of premium term plans available in the market, in which all the premiums paid are refunded to policy holder if he/she survives till term.

Term life insurance can insure you against life risk during the period that you most need it, at an affordable cost, and ideally should be taken for as long tenure as available from the insurance company. The best time to buy term insurance would be when you are young and in good health. The reason being, premium amount for a term cover policy when bought early in life is almost half of what the same premium would be 10 years later.

Everybody believes nothing can happen to them, but there is always that element of concern or risk which prevails that, “What If” The term Insurance is specifically bought to cover this concern of that, “What If” and the entire financial trauma arising out of that risk. Term Insurance is what every insurance customer should have, it provides your loved ones that extra cushion to ward off any financial difficulty your family might have to face in your absence and best help can be done by following term insurance comparison.

The easiest way to buy term insurance is online; today term insurance comparison of the plan online is the best thing. It not only provides comparison but also provides an option to directly buy the best term insurance in India currently.

Buying online term insurance gives you the additional time to go through and browse through the offers and add on services offered from different companies dealing in term insurance. By opting online term insurance you avail heavy discounts. This is because online term insurance cuts the operational costs.

Generally most of the people do not get time to do research on which is the best plan for them. In this scenario insurance agents take charge and advise the plan, which may not be a good plan for you. It is always advisable to disclose all material facts while buying any new insurance plan including health history and existing life insurance cover.

Term Insurance Apply

If there are people in your family who are dependent on your income, you owe it to them to protect them from the potential loss of income in case of your death.

There are a host of Life Insurance products available of which the one that gives the maximum protection for a given amount of annual premium is term insurance. To learn how much cover you require (also called sum assured), you may use our life insurance calculator

Term insurance is ideal for those people who do not wish to mix their investment objective with a risk objective. In case the person insured survives the entire term of the policy, no money is payable to the family of the insured. But in case of death, the family of the insured person gets a very high sum assured (e.g.you can get a Rs.1 crore sum insured for 25 years at just Rs. 1000 per month for somebody who is a non tobacco user and is 30 year old ). Here is detailed comparison of term plans available today.

The most important thing to take care of while applying for term insurance (or any life insurance) policy is to disclose all personal details e.g. whether the insured person is a smoker or not, the medical history of the insured person, your existing and proposed life insurance policies,  and so on. Please take time out to fill the form yourself. This will ensure that your family does not face any issues if they have to file a claim on the policy. Better still buy online as online policies are normally cheaper than those available offline.

You should also consider taking a critical illness rider on top of your base term plan wherever available. This will ensure that you get a lump sum amount if you have the misfortune of being stricken by any critical illness such as a paralytic stroke, organ failure, multiple sclerosis, etc

You can also consider taking a temporary/permanent disability rider due to an accident on top of your term policy where available.

Keep a copy of all documents submitted to the insurance company for your future reference.

Any promise made by the agent or even an official of the insurance company has no value unless it is in writing or at least on email.

So if you are basing your decision on any such promise make sure you get it in record in some form.