Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel is an adventure and a risk as well and it is good to be careful. Travel insurance might seem like an extra expense when you’ve forked out thousands for that holiday trip, but it may be ruined if you don’t have adequate cover if something goes wrong.

Travel insurance coverage includes risks of accidents, illness (medical expenses), missed flights, trip cancellation and interruption, trip and/or baggage delay, lost baggage, emergency evacuation, hijacking, and expatriating your remains back home if you were to die. It is a simple and affordable way of being covered for unforeseen costs and events.

Travel Insurance Claims

Travel insurance claims are getting simpler by the day. You need to first register for the claim, then submit the requisite documents. The Third Party Administrator (TPA) then validates and authenticates the claim before you receive the check for the claim amount.

Travel insurance providers usually have a toll-free helpline number, making them easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel insurance is a highly specialized sector now with sophisticated covers that covers all types of risks that you might face during a trip. Taking a good travel insurance cover not only ensures that you are not short-changed during your travels but also peace of mind and a higher level of enjoyment of your travels.

Term Insurance Exclusions

Medical expenses arising out of:

  • Pre-existing conditions except in case of life-threatening situations
  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs
  • Mental disorder, anxiety, depression
  • Venereal diseases
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, HIV
  • Radiation, nuclear weapons induced
  • Sporting activities
  • Loss of passport in public place
  • Expenses arising out of loss of valuables, money, securities, and tickets